2019 — A Year of Gaming In Reflection

2019 was a fantastic year for gaming. Like in the previous generation, I’d say that the last 2 years have been the swan song of the 8th generation, bringing us many fantastic games. But as lifespan of the 8th generation was depleting, so too was my free time. Finding time to play games regularly has become a more difficult thing for me to do, as is the case for many people who move on from a single life to a life in a relationship, especially living together with their partner. In order to reflect on the year that passed, for gaming, I wanted to take note of the games that I played and enjoyed the most, while paying closer attention to whether or not I actually finished them.

A rather dramatic death screen
  1. Allow you to know where you’ve been. Throwing a glowstick down a cavern functions as both a light source and a breadcrumb trail and
  2. Also allows you to know who’s been where, due to each stick thrown having the color of the player that threw it.

I love gaming, and I hope I have something to add to the massive gaming critique landscape

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